The Evidence

In developing its Report and Blueprint, Health Accord NL not only undertook an important public/stakeholder engagement process, but also relied upon an extensive body of evidence to guide its work.

To better understand the depth and breadth of engagement that has taken place, please refer to the Record of Engagement which outlines all meetings, presentations, town halls, etc. undertaken by Health Accord NL.

The evidence used includes academic papers, reports/studies, websites, data analysis, presentations and written submissions. Evidence has been compiled into an online archive. The evidence archive is intended to be a living record of information that supports the creation and implementation of the Health Accord. As new or differing evidence arises, this online collection will continue to evolve throughout the implementation stages.

In reviewing the evidence, it is important to note the following:

  • To protect privacy, written submissions by individuals are not published in the evidence archive. Rather, each submission was reviewed and key themes were entered into a qualitative data analysis software for better understanding by the Task Force and committees/working groups.
  • Health Accord NL worked closely with regional health authorities and various provincial government departments (e.g, Departments of Health and Community Services and Children, Seniors and Social Development) throughout this process. Their involvement in the work of the Task Force, committees and working groups was invaluable in painting an accurate picture of the existing health and social system, and demonstrated a commitment to transformation of health care for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.
  • Other submissions not included in the evidence archive include items that are confidential by request of the author.

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