Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Task Force established?

On November 5, 2020, the Honourable Andrew Furey, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Honourable John Haggie, Minister of Health and Community Services, announced that Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Sister Elizabeth Davis had been appointed Co-Chairs for the Task Force on Health, known as Health Accord NL. Read the announcement here.

Health Accord NL is working to reimagine health and health care in Newfoundland and Labrador. Its objective is to use evidence, strategies, and public engagement to create a plan for a 10-year Health Accord that will improve health in Newfoundland and Labrador, and to do so within the fiscal envelope of the province.


Who is part of the Task Force?

The Task Force, Committees and Working Groups are comprised of over 120 professionals, experts, community members, and patients who are volunteering their time to help reimagine health in this province. You can view a list of Task Force and committee members in Appendix A of our Interim Report.

Click here to read more about the Co-Chairs, Sister Elizabeth Davis and Dr. Patrick Parfrey, and Committee Chairs.


Can we really improve health in the province?

Yes we can, and it is about more than just the health care system.

We can improve health by addressing the social, economic and environmental factors that influence health. We also need to rebalance the health system between community care, hospital care and long-term care, and we need to better connect our health and social systems.


Will hospitals or health centres close with a reimagined health system?


We imagine keeping all existing hospitals and health centres open. They will provide services based on the needs of your community, so the quality of your health care should, in fact, improve.

Services may not look exactly the way they do now, but they will serve your needs better and be more sustainable over time.


Aren’t all these changes to the health system just about saving money?


We currently are spending the most money per capita than anywhere else in the country, yet have the worst health outcomes. We believe that a reimagined system will put our health care dollars to better use, and be spent more appropriately than they are in the current system.


How are you going to make all this happen right away?

We’re not.

The Health Accord is a 10-year plan to create a reimagined system. Change takes time and requires a careful step by step approach. Integration is key: between health and social systems, these systems and community groups, community teams and hospitals. New systems require time for preparation and transition.



We encourage you to explore the resources available on our website, including videos, town hall recordings and the Final Reports.