Final Reports

Health Accord NL Final Reports

June 16, 2022

On 17 February 2022, Health Accord NL submitted the Report: Our Province. Our Health. Our Future. A 10-Year Health Transformation. Health Accord NL is now pleased to present the companion Report entitled Our Province. Our Health. Our Future. A 10-Year Health Transformation: The Blueprint.

The recommendations present implementation ideas for the Calls to Action which are outlined in four distinct categories: social determinants of health, a rebalanced health system, pathways to facilitate change, and governance. The document includes suggested timelines, estimated investments, potential sources of funding, and integrating accountability structures.

The final component is an archive of all the evidence which informed the work of Health Accord NL: evaluation summaries of health and social systems, input from engagement activities, formal presentations and testimony by stakeholders and experts, reports, and research findings. The Evidence Archive is publicly available online, is easily accessible, and will certainly grow over time.

With this submission, the work of Health Accord NL is now complete. The Co-Chairs commend the committed, generous, and competent work of the Health Accord team. They also thank members of the public of all ages from across the province, practitioners and workers in our health system, workers in our education and social systems, members of community groups and municipalities, and the media for their contributions, insight, and for challenging and encouraging them throughout this process.

To the Premier, Minister of Health and Community Services and the public, thank you for trusting us to do this work on behalf of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.